Annual General Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2019

Board Members in Attendance:

Connie Richter, President

Darren Rosie, Second Vice-President

Debra Kellestine, Secretary-Treasurer

Cheryl Batten, Director

Chad Bordeleau, Director

David Kellestine, Director


Absent Were:

Trudy Mitchell, General Manager

Kristin Bayet, First Vice-President

Chad Bordeleau, Director


Guests in Attendance:

Jennifer Blades, Senior Accounting Technician, MNP LLP


Call to Order

Connie Richter called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. There were 31 members and 1 guest present.


Changes/Additions to the Agenda

Connie advised that the Men’s bonspiel is scheduled to be held in November 2019 not November 2020 as noted on the agenda.


Minutes of the September 17, 2018 Annual General Meeting

Motion: Paula Maloney/Don Clark “To accept the minutes of the September 17, 2018 Annual General Meeting as presented.” Carried.


Financial Statements

Jennifer Blades, Senior Accounting Technician with Meyers, Norris, Penny attended to address questions regarding the financial statements for the August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019 fiscal year. Glen Godberson stated that the financials looked really good. Jennifer advised that expenses were more than last year due to the $73,000.00 purchase of curling rocks and an additional $28,000.00 in costs for other equipment purchases. The Fort St. John Curling Club was able to implement facility upgrades and still come out ahead on the financials.  Bernice Chmelyk pointed out that the cost of sales was quite different compared to the previous year. Jennifer advised that more detailed bookkeeping practices and a decrease in catering and liquor expenses were contributing factors. Connie Richter advised that the bar inventory is being monitored closely and that our advertising revenue includes funds for both 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 because we received payments for advertising for the 2019/2020 year prior to our 2019 year end.


Connie thanked MNP for their help and support. The Curling Club is keeping close track of the financials with their assistance.


Treasurer’s Report

Debra Kellestine, Secretary-Treasurer, gave a brief update on the state of the Club bank accounts and the costs to run the club. She stated that the average monthly cost to run the business was $21,000. Tara Forest pointed out that costs to operate and maintain the building are very high. She felt that a lot of memberships were lost due to fee increases. She said that she would like the Club to think about methods to get around the high fees being charged to the membership. Connie advised that we are down three ladies teams this year. She said we didn’t lose those members as some are curling with a six-member team and some are on the spare list. Membership numbers did not change much over last year. Connie provided information on the cost of other sports in comparison to curling. The cost to play a game of curling for 2 hours is $19.31. Connie explained that other sports such as golf cost more than that amount. A half day ski pass is $67.00 per person. She advised that bowling is very close in cost to what the Club is charging. Cheryl Batten pointed out that all Curling Clubs are looking at the same challenges. The entry fee for the Doubles Fun spiel was reduced and the event still had to be cancelled due to the small number of people who signed up. Dave Kellestine said that we have to get more usage of the banquet hall in order to generate more income. This would allow the Club to look at reducing membership fees. Dave advised that to do that we would have to book a venue at the Club every weekend. Bernice Chmelyk spoke about the sport of curling and the fact that membership is down everywhere. Darren Rosie said that it would be nice to hear from people who aren’t curling because of the cost so that the Board can get a sense of how many people are impacted. Connie advised that the Ladies League appears to have been impacted by the fee increase whereas other leagues in our Club are maintaining about the same numbers. Glen Godberson pointed out that Taylor’s Ladies League is up to 13 teams and that the Men’s league is down to 7 from 16 last year. Glen said he hoped that the Club could increase membership. Connie said that Trudy has been contacting people who had booked Christmas parties at the Club over the past two or three years and a lot of them are not hosting parties this year. Darren pointed out that we have lost business due to calls not being returned in previous years so some of our potential customers have given up on us. Trudy is trying to re-establish these relationships. Cheryl Batten said that the best advertisement is word of mouth. Pam Murray discussed the competition from other venues in Fort St. John for Christmas parties. Tara Forest asked the Board to consider making a brochure available regarding the cost to rent our facility.  


Volunteer Sign Up

Connie advised that volunteers are needed to decorate the Lounge and Banquet Hall. A minimum of 20 volunteers are needed for the BC Winter Games. Help will be needed with the Mukluk and Men’s and Ladies Bonspiel and the year end fundraiser which is tentatively scheduled for the last week of March or first week of April, 2020.


Try-Its – are targeted to start in November, 2019. The City is working with the Club and the Schools to try to bring kids to the Curling Club for intramural sports. Bernice Chmelyk asked if any of the “Try-Its” participants from last year are curling this year. Connie advised that we gained four curlers.


Old Business

City of Fort St. John – the new lease agreement with the City has been finalized. LED lighting in the Banquet Hall and main floor were done this summer. We have a new ICE King and bumpers due to receiving grants from the City.


Early Registration – the Club held an early league registration this year and introduced our new caterers, Jeanette and Blair Johnston, at the event.


New Business

Banquet Hall Upgrades – the City paid half of the cost of the new flooring installed over the summer. Darren Rosie thanked Debra, Dave, Connie and Donna Solodan for their work painting the banquet hall. Leonard Hamilton also came and helped with the painting. We are hoping to attract more weddings and similar venues with the updated look of the facility.


Custodial Service Update – the Club is still relying heavily on volunteers to clean the facility. Debra advised that Mayfield is a good company and that Trudy is happy with the quality of their work. Mayfield will be called in more frequently during the upcoming year. It is not sustainable to expect the General Manager or volunteers to do the custodial work long term.

Northern Development Initiatives Trust Equipment Grant - is almost complete to pay for equipment that has been purchased including two new refrigerators for the kitchen and floor cleaning equipment. We have approximately $19,000.00 coming back from the existing grant. The grant application for the kitchen renovation will commence after the equipment grant is finalized. City Council will be approached on Monday, October 25 to ask for funds for glass doors to be put up between the Lounge and the Banquet Hall.


BC Hydro Grants – we haven’t approached Hydro about grants to date. The City is going to assist with advising how to access these funds.


City of Fort St. John Technical Committee and Management Committee Meetings – these meetings are held quarterly. The City is supplying a brand new overhead door in the ice area this year. It will be changed out in the spring. The City is updating the exterior of the building the match the same theme as the Pomeroy Sports Centre. They are also looking at updating the ice area on the inside of the building.


Advertising Signage and Facility Updates – Connie stated that Darren Peebles of D & D Insulators redid the poles on the ice surface during the summer. They removed the calcium from around the poles and re-wrapped them free of charge. The Club is providing Darren with free advertising space on the one of the poles in return. There is some new advertising signage going up. Trudy has offered interested parties a three-year deal as an incentive to get signage up in time for the Northern BC Winter Games.


Sound System Move – the sound system was moved from the bar area into the banquet hall in the fall. Connie thanked Epscan for their work in getting this done.


Men’s League Representative – Jeremy Clothier volunteered to help Jeff Holland with the Men’s League draws. The Ladies League has members who look after their draws and Trudy Mitchell takes care of the Mixed League draw. We have scheduled some Friday night socials. Connie advised that socials are scheduled for November 1, January 24 and March 6. The socials typically include six ends of curling and either appetizers or a meal afterward.


Board of Directors Elections

There were two vacant Director positions. Connie advised that the rest of the Director terms expire in April, 2020.


Ian Titley nominated Jeremy Clothier. Brian Kelly nominated Glen Godberson. Glen and Jeremy were elected by acclamation.

Questions from the Floor – Bernice Chmelyk stated that our Club works really hard. Rick Chmelyk asked if the business model we are operating under is the same as other Clubs in the City. He wanted to know if it was possible for the City to run the Curling Rink and have members pay for the ice time. Connie said that we would likely see a big increase in fees if the City takes it over.



Motion:  Margaret Clark/Brian Kelly “To adjourn the Annual General Meeting at 9.08 p.m.” Carried.


__________________________________                            ______________________________

Connie Richter, President                                                       October 18, 2019


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Debra Kellestine, Secretary-Treasurer                                   October 18, 2019