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Key & Access Card Policy



Revised Date: 29/04/2021


  1. This policy is intended to maintain the integrity of the key and access card collection at the Fort St. John Curling Club while effectively addressing the needs of community users for appropriate access to Facility space. Accountability for all keys and cards issued is paramount to the personal safety and physical security of the Fort St. John Curling Club Society staff, users, and patrons as well as being a vital component in the protection of assets for the Facility, its various Resident Organizations, stakeholders, and users.


  1. The custody and control of keys and access cards to doors is administered by the Society’s Executive Director.

  2. All keys and access cards remain the property of the Fort St. John Curling Club Society.

  3. Keys/access cards will be issued only with appropriate authorization in writing from the relevant Organization, or other qualified Renter.

  4. Authorized key/card requests must:​​​

    1. Identify the individual for whom the key/card is requested;

    2. Provide the key number, if known, or doors requiring access;

    3. Identify a date by which the key/card will no longer be required (end date), if known;

    4. Provide an account code to which applicable costs/deposits can be charged; and

    5. Identify whether the Organization or the individual is responsible for any applicable deposit.

  5. Once issued to an individual, the custody and control of a Facility key and/or access card is the sole responsibility of the individual. The person to whom a key and/or access card is issued must sign for it in person at the Society Office. Signing acknowledges that the user understands that the key or access card:

    1. is issued solely for their specific use;

    2. cannot be transferred to another person;

    3. remains the property of the Society; and

    4. when no longer required, must be returned to the issuing office in person by the individual to whom it was issued.

  6. No persons shall be issued more than one restricted key/access card per door.

  7. The unauthorized transfer or duplication of keys/access cards is considered a serious breach of security and may be subject to disciplinary action by the Society.

  8. Organizations responsible for authorizing the release of keys and/or access cards to an individual must inform the Executive Director when the Organization is aware that the individual is leaving the Organization or is no longer permitted use of the keys/cards. Organization signing authorities are responsible to ensure that all keys are returned to the Society’s Executive Director by staff whose employment has concluded or whose access permissions no longer allow use of issued keys/cards.

  9. Where the receipt of a key/card request raises a concern, the request may be refused/suspended until the concern has been reviewed with the applicable Organization’s Chair.  The Chair will advise in writing whether the requisition is justified and should be filled.

  10. The Executive Director may assess charges and collect deposits for issuing keys/access cards. Procedures relating to the responsibility for costs, short-term access, area exclusions, and the hardware associated with keys/cards accompany this policy.

Responsibility for Costs

  1. Service charges associated with developing and issuing keys are the responsibility of the requisitioning Organization, or other qualified Renter. Service charges are based on the available inventory for the keys requested and whether new keys must be cut and added to the existing inventory.

  2. Organizations requesting a key/access card must identify whether the refundable deposit is to be charged to the Organization or the individual to whom the key/card is issued. Where the individual is charged, the deposit must be paid at the time of issue; Organizations will be billed at month’s end. A maximum deposit has been established.

  3. The person to whom a restricted key/access card is issued must sign the applicable waiver and is responsible for ensuring the key/card is used appropriately.

  4. Contractors must sign a waiver acknowledging their responsibility for any costs that arise from the need to re-key areas if their key/card is lost and the security of the Facility is compromised.

  5. Lost keys and cards will be replaced for a fee. The original deposit will be forfeited and the refundable deposit for replacement and future keys will double for each key/access card lost.

  6. In the event that the Facility must be re-keyed because of a specific security breach due to lost and/or compromised keys proven to be the fault of an individual designated by that Organization to possess a key, the individual and/or Organization concerned may be charged with the cost of re-keying.

Short-Term Authorized Access

  1. The Facility retains a key collection to allow authorized users to sign out keys on a single-use basis. These keys may be signed out when an applicable Organization, or other qualified Renter identifies an authorized user, and the user provides photo identification at the time of issue. A contact number (cellular phone preferred) must be provided.

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