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COVID – 19 Lounge

LOCATION: Fort St. John Curling Club Lounge

CAPACITY: Capacity has been limited to 25 patrons plus staff to properly accommodate social distancing



  • People Gathering

    • Close contact with each other at the front door, coat check/banquet hall entrance as well as bar service.

    • Seating


  • Commonly Touched Objects

    • Front Door

    • ATM

    • Pin Pads on POS card reader

    • Washrooms


  • Health and Safety of Staff



  • People Gathering

    • Capacity reduced to max. 25 patrons to accommodate social distancing practices

    • Set up hand sanitizing stations in high traffic areas

    • Ensure high traffic areas are sanitized on a regular basis

    • Tables will be set up for a maximum of 6 people per table, and each table will be properly distanced

    • Lines will be taped onto floor at coat check/banquet hall entrance as well as the bar to ensure 2M distancing

    • A server(s) will be on staff to ensure traffic at the bar remains minimal


  • Commonly Touched Objects

    • All high traffic areas and high touch objects will be sanitized on a regular basis

    • All high traffic areas will have a hand sanitizing station

    • Signage will be posted asking patrons to sanitize hands upon entry

    • Signage will be posted asking patrons and staff to follow proper hand washing technique

    • POS systems will be sanitized between uses


  • Health and Safety of Staff

    • Staff will be properly trained on how to ensure personal safety and the safety of others

    • PPE will be available to staff upon request (use of personal PPE/reusable mask is acceptable)

    • Staff will be required to wear masks/face shields if not able to remain socially distanced from other staff or patrons


Additional Preventative Measures:

  • Supervisors will be trained on monitoring workers and the workplace to ensure policies and procedures are being followed

  •  Signage will be posted at the main entrance prohibiting those that have left the Province within the last 14 days

  • Signage will be posted at the main entrance prohibiting those that have had symptoms if COVID-19 within the last 10 days (signage will include symptoms)

  • Signage will be posted at the main entrance prohibiting anyone who has come into contact with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • OFAA protocols for use during the COVID-19 pandemic will be kept on hand and accessible by staff at all times

  • All staff will have access to proper training and strategies required to address the risk of violence that may arise in customers as members of the public adapt to restrictions and modifications that have been put in place due to COVID-19

  • Any staff showing signs of sickness will be required to call in sick

  • The manager will be required to monitor the risks and required to make changes to the policies and procedures as necessary

  • Since we have been closed during the time of COVID-19, any new staff will be properly trained before commencing duties

  • A sanitization schedule will be posted in the washrooms and high traffic areas to ensure proper disinfection of surfaces

  • Additional sanitization steps of service will be posted for staff at server station(s)

  • One person out of every group will be required to provide a name and phone number they can be contacted at in the case of exposure to COVID-19 on the premises. A copy of this list will be kept on file for at least one month

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