PRESS RELEASE: FSJ Curling Club Releases New Mission Statements

For Immediate Release: 08-08-2021

Christopher Young Fort St. John Curling Club 250-785-2037

Local Curling Club Looks to Expand Its Experiences & Services

Fort St. John, BC: Today, the Fort St. John Curling Club, a local not-for-profit that manages one of the largest indoor recreation and event venues in the region, announced that they are refocusing their efforts to become a home to all community members in the North Peace. The Board of Directors adopted two new mission statements that reaffirm their commitments to the future of curling in the city and to the needs of the community for a variety of indoor recreation and event spaces.

Of this progress, the Curling Club’s Executive Director Christopher Young stated, “Recent partnerships with the Fort St. John Soccer Club and NEAT’s Meals on Wheels initiative are driving more people to use our venue for a number of philanthropic, recreational, and social purposes. For decades, this facility has been home to hundreds of weddings, celebrations, and events while providing opportunities for community members to participate in indoor winter sports. These statements are our promise to the community of the North Peace that we are going to provide the space and expanded support for new and ongoing social and recreational initiatives year-round.”

To realize these efforts, the Curling Club is preparing to execute the following plans:

  • A series of updates to the facility to accommodate a variety of uses of its spaces.

  • Provide a new rental fee structure that assists the numerous not-for-profit organizations in the city, with particular focus on youth and senior initiatives.

  • Developing opportunities with several external groups to showcase the enormous potential of its spaces for private and public events.

Mission Statements

  • To promote and develop the sport of Curling throughout the North Peace region, and provide the infrastructure, knowledge, services, and opportunities for our volunteers, players, coaches, and others to enjoy the game.

  • To use our facility to take a leadership role in developing a network of programs, activities, services, and events that will inspire community members to participate in a range of experiences that foster a strong and vibrant community spirit across the North Peace region.

About the Fort St. John Curling Club

Founded in 1946, the Curling Club has been at the heart of the North Peace region. Whether by developing local athletes to national and international acclaim, or by creating moments of enjoyment between friends, family, and co-workers, we promote and celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of our neighbours and fellow community members.

Since 1979, our facility has been home to hundreds of events that have brought our community together. With countless weddings and celebrations occurring alongside an ever-growing recreation and wellness offering, we host the events and functions that participants will remember fondly for a lifetime.


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